Arctic Monkeys

Country:United Kingdom
Genres:Garage Rock, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Biogphiy:Arctic Monkeys are an alternative rock band from Sheffield, England, and was founded in 2002, members have the lead singer and guitarist Alex Turner, guitarist Jamie Cook, bassist Nick O'Malley and drummer Matt Helders. Arctic Monkeys with their second single "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" boarded the British singles chart champion, successfully won the limelight. Debut album "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" in the January 2006 issue, refresh the highest sales in the history of British music record debut album, the album is currently still the top-selling British debut album Orchestra beyond oasis choir "absolutely possible" that keep records. The first spot won the 2006 Mercury Music Prize and the 2007 Brit Award for "Best British Album", also received another Grammy Award for "Best Alternative Music Album" nomination, but in the end lost to Niles Buckley (Gnarls Barkley) of the "story behind" (St. Elsewhere) album. Arctic Monkeys second album "Favourite Worst Nightmare" in the April 23, 2007 issue, the first week sales exceeded 225,000 copies and was nominated for the 2007 Mercury Music Prize. They also won the 2008 Brit Award for "Best British Album" and "Best British Group" awards. Arctic Monkeys can be said to be one of the earliest to attract public attention through the network (fan site instead Orchestra website) artists, critics suggesting that this might change the publicity and marketing of new ways Orchestra. Orchestra is currently an independent record label Domino (Domino Records) artistes.   Criticism and controversy   Arctic Monkeys received a lot of media comments, which not only surrounded by the orchestra, also contributed to the success of the orchestra. Critics argue that they are one of a series being over-publicized "" NME "orchestra." Arctic Monkeys debut album was released three months after the launch of EP "Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys", but was criticized some people think that they "want to make money", "using their own success." Orchestra countered that they regularly introduce new music, is to avoid "propaganda album took three years" and "boring." "Is the Cock," the album cover is their friend Chris McClure photos are cigars, has been criticized Scotland's National Department of Health (National Health Service) Executive to "strengthen the idea that smoking is OK." Figure on the CD is full of cigar ashtrays. The orchestra's manager denied the allegation, and that the opposite: "You can see in the figure, smoking is not to give him a good world." Orchestra performance in 2008 in the chaos of the Brit Awards critics. When they took the best British album, they made ​​a joke about the BRIT School of. Students attending the school will have the opportunity to become the audience here. Brit Awards very supportive of the school, the Arctic Monkeys from Sheffield, and did not go to school. But they mocked the previous evening and thank royal award acceptance speech at the BRIT School, and is an alumni winners love children and Kate Na Dai Xu (Kate Nash). ITV this conversation was cut. Before the popular art keyboardist Alan Wilder in "Side-Line" magazine talk about the current situation of the music industry. He used the Arctic Monkeys as an example, critics of modern recording technology for the use of dynamic range compression, called "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" This song is "The worst, superficial noise of the bombing."   Music style   The band is defined outside of indie rock, which is probably more accurate to describe them. Music, each album the band are changing and exploration, making it difficult to be precise definition has not changed is perhaps the only singer turner fast and complex interpretation of the lyrics, as well as a strong Yorkshire accent. Their first two albums rooted in garage rock and post-punk revival, the lyrics are mostly vivid depictions Turner was home to Sheffield nightclub stories and culture, such as "Dancing Shoe", "I bet you look good on the dance floor "," certain romance ". The second album of "Do Me a Favor" and "Fluorescent Adolescent" is a description of the emotional setbacks. By the third album, "Humbug", the change brought about by the producer Josh Homme on the musical style also affected the Turner's lyrics, lyrics compared to the previous two albums Turner becomes abstract theme is also more obscure, the former two albums humorous piece is much less straightforward. The latest album, "Suck It and See" is Arctic Monkeys mature style after another exploration, Turner once commented:. "I think the new album's first three albums are balanced no such thing as a taxi (" Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured "), a little humor before, but also a little" Humbug "obscure time."
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