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Country:United Kingdom
Genres:Progressive House, Dance-Pop, Electro House, Electropop, Electro-Disco
Biogphiy:Calvin Harris is a Scottish singer-songwriter from the UK, music producer and DJ. In 2007 his singles "Acceptable in the 80s" debut, began to attract the attention of the mainstream media. So far, he has released three studio albums, and for many international superstars produced a hit single. By the end of 2011, single-handedly authored by Calvin Harris and produced by Barbadian singer Rihanna sang "We Found Love" was a huge success worldwide, but also for Calvin Harris quickly opened the visibility. Now he is the world's hottest pop dance music producer, ranked No. 15 in the 2012 ranking of 100 global DJ.   Calvin Harris, formerly known as Adam Richard Wiles (Adam Richard Wiles) 1984 January 17 Rees was born in Denver City, Scotland. He was a football fan, and aspire to be like Steve McManaman footballer. About this thing we really have to thank him for his hair, or else we might hear today, his electronic music: "But I do not have curly hair, so I plunge into the music come if I have curly hair, everything may. a different story. "Calvin Harris from a young age was attracted electronic music, he also made ​​some homemade Demo, time is 1999. He had told the "World News" in an interview, when he made music, he became not love socializing, which also affected his personality. In his 21 years old, his two songs "Da Bongos" and "Brighter Days" as a single in the Prima Facie label releases, when his stage name was Stouffer. This two singles issued by Prima Facie record company to 12 inches vinyl singles and LPs on CD.   2007, Harris recordings were handed a record producer Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue's hands and attract her attention. This enabled him to participate in her 2007 album "X" in the "Heart Beat Rock" "In My Arms" joint creation of two songs and production. Where "In My Arms" is to become of the former British ten singles list. Harris said the collaboration with Kylie Minogue's "Like a dream weird, but very interesting," though he later in 2007 for "Mixmag" magazine admitted that he "met her before and the job needs to drink wine." Harris later collaboration with Kylie Minogue, as her 2010 album "Eros" (English: Aphrodite) in "Too Much" a song co-producer.   2008, Harris and rapper Dealey Reese can co-produced the latter's single "Dance wiv Me", and sang the chorus of the song. The single won the English championship, and sold 300,000 sales, by the British Phonographic Industry certified as platinum. This song was nominated for the 2008 "Popjustice £ 20 Music Prize." 2009 won the Brit Award for best British single nomination, "Ivor Novello Music Award for" Best Contemporary Song nomination. In 2009, he produced Dealey · RISCO under a single "Holiday", this song also won the championship. He should have appeared in the music video, but he refused to wear a special shirt for videotape dancing in some scenes, and opposition can not wear his trademark "fly-eye" glasses requirements. In addition, in 2009, Harris producer Tiësto in the Netherlands album "Kaleidoscope" in the song "Century" in a guest star. Harris also for the British singer Example has produced its second album "Will not Go Quitely" (2010) in the song "Time Machine". He also Tintin band's UK chart top 40 singles "Hands" produced a remix, after he has done for this double band system "Great DJ" (2008) and "We Walk" (2009) of mix.   2011, Harris participated in LMFAO's album "Sorry for Party Rocking" production, and vocals in the song "Reminds Me of You", the basis for this song I really Harris song "Awooga" on creation. Harris also Tinchy Stryder made ​​his fourth studio album, "Full Tank" the second single "Off the Record". The single on September 15, 2011 episode, released in the UK on November 6.   With the support of the Barbados singer Rihanna after the Australian tour, Harris also produced two singles for her "Found Love" (English: We Found Love) and "Where Have You Been". "Found Love" is Rihanna sixth album, "Na like to say" (English: Talk That Talk) first single, starting in September 2011. The single made ​​the charts in Britain and America and many other countries, has thus become the first team boarded Harris hundred Billboard singles chart singles. In an interview with "Q" magazine, the Harris lyrics for the song "We found love in a hopeless place" sentence, said: "may refer to Dumfries Jumpkin Jaks (his hometown), I do not know what I was thinking. "he also R & B singer Mary J. Blige's 2011 album" My Life II ... The Journey Continues (Act 1) "additional singles" One Life "as the joint creation man and co-producer.   Harris also worked the latter's fourth studio album, "Magic Hour" in the song "Only the Horses" and American pop band Scissor Sisters. He also wrote and produced Cheryl Cole third album "A Million Lights" is the first single "Call My Name".   Favoring a naughty schoolboy look that makes him seem even younger than his already tender years (22 when his first major-label album was released), Scottish artist, producer, and remixer Calvin Harris has a similarly youthful and forward-looking approach to his music . Skipping the usual apprenticeship in the clubs or on indie labels, Harris went from posting his own DIY electroclash music online through MySpace and similar sites to signing with the multinational giant EMI almost in a single step. Born on January 17, 1984, in the southern Scotland city of Dumfries, Harris was first attracted to electronic music in his teens and was recording bedroom demos by 1999. Two of these songs, "Da Bongos" and "Brighter Days," were released as a 12 "club single and CD- EP by the Prima Facie label in early 2002 under the artist name Stouffer. With that single to his credit, the still teenaged Harris moved from Scotland to London, but as a very small fish in one of the world's largest and most competitive ponds, Harris floundered; only one of his songs was released during his time in London, "Let Me Know" with vocalist Ayah on the Unabombers' 2004 live-mix CD Electric Soul 2. Returning home to Dumfries, Harris began posting homemade solo recordings to his MySpace page. An A & R representative from EMI liked what he heard and signed Harris to the label in 2006. Following a pair of successful singles, "Vegas" and "Acceptable in the 80s," Harris released his debut album, I Created Disco, in the summer of 2007. Along with his work as a solo artist, which includes touring in front of a full live band, Harris has become an in-demand remixer - working on singles by Jamiroquai, Groove Armada, All Saints, and CSS - and wrote and produced a song for Kylie Minogue's 2007 comeback album.
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