Country:United Kingdom
Genres:Britpop, Alternative Rock, Piano Rock
Biogphiy:Coldplay is one of the UK's most popular rock bands rock scene after the rise of the new century, they are adhering to the British rock band consistent style, became a British band in an outstanding representative of the new generation. Coldplay (1996 -) Style: Britpop / Alternative Rock Band members: Main sing: Chris Martin Guitarist: Jon Buckland Bassist: Guy Berryman Hand drums: Will Champion Introduction [members] Lead singer Chris Martin in the band functional acoustic guitar, piano and keyboards, he was born in the multicultural city, he 15-year-old began playing the guitar, has participated in three band The Rockin 'Honkies, The Red Rooster Boogie Band and Pectoralz, his most favorite band / singer is Sparklehorse, The Flaming Lips, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, now in school majoring in ancient history. If you ask him why he made ​​from music, he would firmly tell you, "Rock is what I want to have everything, but it did and those who have been boasting of a mess of colorful pills he XX, and that he did with rock XX little relationship, did not need to engage in his own weird and incomprehensible, but did not need to care about how others see you, cool, not cool, and my music does not matter, meaning rock that tells you how to find the ultimate happiness. As we like together Getting around and make music, no matter how people say we are, we feel happy and peace of mind. sometimes we look a little too frank, but do not care about us in the end how to do, but I confirm that we love life and extremely hard, we just do not want to waste time on those cliches rule, we do not want to trite alive. Bassist GUY Pfeiffer was born in Scotland, but 12 years old when moved to Kent, 13 years old, he began playing BASS, had only participated in a band TIME OUT, he likes James Brown, Kool & The Gang, funk and soul . Start another school majoring in engineering, but dropped out of school last year. GUY character is very stubborn. Guitarist JON He was born in Modena in northern Wales, when asked about his hometown, he said, "there seems to be no correlation, and music, but Rhys Ifans is where growing up." JON11 year-old began playing the guitar, COLDPLAY he the band participated in the first one, to get his only respected band the Stone Roses and Ride. He is amazing guy, in addition to making music, he also received a double degree in mathematics and astronomy. Drummer WILL born in Southampton, now in school repair creatures. Small when he started playing various musical instruments, he's been to a called "fat mice," the band, as like what the band, he could not say, but he said his favorite Irish ballads. WILL father was an archaeologist, Martin always like four preached WILL dad simply archeology Michael Jackson! WILL minimum in the band and giant mischief, he always gave you his fun in school, such as "I am a professor of biology in the classroom is always nagging 'evidence I use six weeks would not be enough explanation, large apes do have the habit of masturbation ', ha ha very funny that simply everyone bands are like him, Martin and wILL always have lots to talk about, "My God, you do not know, WILL this guy is simply a human jukebox he will more than any one person, before we sat on the apartment stairs often sing, you just say the name of a song, he immediately able to give you pop up. He is more suitable for a guitarist ...... "Then GUY back next say;" WILL performance in what is always strong, but his unusual sense of humor ...... oh ...... his impression of Michael Owen surprisingly good ...... what kind of world are more trustworthy than WILL? " [Band History] 98 years, the band produced their own expense first EP "Safety", this EP was recorded in the "Sync city" studio, recording a 500, there are three songs which include: "Bigger Stronger", "No More Keeping My Feet on The Ground "," Such A Rush ", so they are excited to be doing business this EP released in LONDON surrounding areas in May, Phil Harvey became their broker. EP may be the result of the matter is most of my friends are going, there are still some being used to give each record company. Last only about 50. But successful, is ---- universe album Debs Wild very interested in their work, he gave this EP Parlophone record company Dan Keeling and BMP Press Caroline Ellery. So COLDPLAY in the summer of 1999 at the same time and maybe the company signed a recording contract. 99 years is a fast-growing band of the year. April, the band released the EP "Brothers & Sisters". Subsequently, Simon Williams, London "ferocious Panda" record executives (98 November at Camden Falcon. Looked COLDPLAY live performances.) About a song they recorded for his company. Later, the band formally signed to EMI's brand Parlophone. Meanwhile, the well-known radio DJ Steve Lamacq began on the radio --- "Night 1 Channel" Play them "Brothers & Sisters" inside the song, EP climbed in the rankings 92. The cut in this year, the UK's most authoritative music media "NME" began to pay attention COLDPLAY band, "NME" said the band is with clear eyes, honest face, waiting for blockbuster young orchestra. June, they appeared on the band's Glastonbury specially launched a new stage, and the band's producer and BETA Chris Allison completed three works together: "Dont Panic", "See You Soon", "High Speed". October "Bigger Stronger" and "Such A Rush" was published as a bonus track EP "The Blue Room". After the EP launch, "NME" expressed great surprise "so perfect virgin records, much like Nick Drake, very anglicized!" Reported the newspaper wrote: "This band's songs make you infinitely close to immerse in the memories of the past among the lads as seductive as the band placed on the painter closet cookies. "and Bellatrix tour together" Night a channel, "the DJ Jo Whiley tour began in great esteem COLDPLAY band. This year, the band has won many important places in a lot of fans. January 2000, the band and "NME" top beam pole band Shack, Campag Velocet and Les Rythmes Digitales started called "NME Carling Premier Tour" national tour. March, the band in Wales and Liverpool's "Street juveniles' studio to record a single trembling, B side song is for you, and be careful where you stand," NME "This album is called" Young man, mature music. "only song became their stunning do, when they are on tour together and TERRIS band, the song suddenly Top 35 scored. Martin said when talking about the song, "This song was written about a girl losing enthusiasm for their story, she kind of isolated, nobody care about her ----- but when the song finished, things strange change up, this girl seems to have representation, as in the discussion without problems ---- unrequited love get some love in return, this long-standing problem she know? of course I want her to know so she was not to be troubled by that question. "Shortly thereafter, the band song" YELLOW "complete, it completely to the back of the album's success paved the way. May the band started shooting with director Jools Holland "YELLOW" and "trembling" of MTV. June, the band singles "YELLOW" available through the Saturday afternoon at Glastonbury and the highlight of the show after the festival, this rush to the UK singles chart singles first four. About this song, Martin said, "This is a Welsh song, which is written in Liverpool and Wales, when we're recording, where the beautiful scenery gave me endless inspiration in an exceptionally beautiful night, I done it, this song sounds not so fashionable, and very simple, but I did when writing and singing wholeheartedly. July, the album finished, release show in Oxford Street HMV record store, people lined up on the streets in a long queue. The band became the "MME" on the front page, the voice of praise swept COLDPLAY whole world. The album only a few weeks on the UK album sales chart firmly secured the first one. The album will soon be Mercury Music Prize nomination in the same month, the band made ​​several radio "YELLOW" and "SHIVER" unplugged performances later, the final was held in Birmingham, Ronnie Scott's a whole album Unplugged concert will. August shine band under attack from Alan McGee, he said, only know the band is a group of mentally handicapped climb in bed masturbating. JONNY made ​​this classic answer, "We have to do better as we believe, is true, if we have to make a star gone mad or put a loaded rock star look that is undoubtedly sad." PS: worthy of our domestic insiders think. September Mercury Music Prize was won COLDPLAY Badly Drawn Boy won three other awards. October, the band began in Britain's largest tour. 2002 launch of "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" Chris Martin delicate soulful voice make reservations for this new album with the debut "Parachutes" as exciting wonderful colors, but they apparently shift in style spend a lot of effort. For example, the song "God Put a Smile upon Your Face", a very magical; and "A Whisper" in warm, hypnotic song of the people very nostalgic Jefferson Airplane. In addition, the 11 song (either a strong literary flavor "In My Place" was Carol 1960s "Daylight") are filled with high-impact Martin and Coldplay piano, as well as the mighty orchestral sound . "Give me real, do not give me fake" (give me some honest, I do not cheat) Martin sings this song in the premiere "Plitik", the quiet and the album aptly demonstrated uncompromising stance . In four Grammy Awards, four Brit Awards and two albums blessing cumulative worldwide sales of 17 million after a year and a half to plan and time-consuming from the new album "X & Y" available, has been described as the lead singer Chris Martin is: "could never not do this." you know outside of Coldplay's new album expectations, the album is also the most important issue record annual EMI! Chris Martin said: "This album is our most sincere declaration, the music is really showing us, the four of us do not have one person may be replaced by others, Jonny, Guy and Will have done, I can imagine degree! for me, this is more important than to get a Grammy or BRIT Awards, because I gained real impressed, of course, can be sure it is good, but we are not for winning and making music, and we hope to be able to make their own will be moved to hear the music, because after the applause, cheers trophy or settle down, can move people's music is the most important. "as Chris Martin speak coherent literary style, perhaps captured the wife - Gwyneth Paltrow's secret weapon! The Coldplay's new album in addition to their own unique style of electronic music will be integrated into other musical elements. Coldplay for the production of the new album has taken great pains not only to select the recording in London, and invited Danton Supple and Ken Nelson and other famous producers to make, I believe this will give Coldplay fans a surprise. Envelope design album with 1990's very similar to a computer game Teris, hidden behind this exactly what special meaning is unknown. But the most important thing is the music itself, lead singer Chris into the infinite sadness emotions, touching voice singing gentle melodies, resulting in Coldplay songs often experience a kind of melancholy feeling. Personally, this is a musical and will be able to completely conquer my personality groups, they are my life an absolute idol. I think if the world will have 100 million genius before the demise of the Earth, then they must be four of them, but they are worth in history and recognition. Coldplay new album, "Long live the life," June 12, 2008 in London, the official release. Album of a new song "Violet Hill" has been on the Internet for fans to download in advance, downloads 7 days of more than 2 million people. The band announced that it will release a new album within two weeks, the first three games free new album hold conference in London, Barcelona and New York, and then expand the global ticket concert tour. After surfacing in 2000 with the breakthrough single "Yellow," Coldplay quickly became one of the biggest bands of the new millennium, honing a mix of introspective Brit-pop and anthemic rock that landed the British quartet a near-permanent residence on record charts world -wide The group's emergence was perfectly timed;. Radiohead had just released the overly cerebral Kid A, while Oasis had ditched two founding members and embraced psychedelic experimentation on Standing on the Shoulders of Giants UK audiences were hungry for a fresh-faced rock band. with big aspirations and an even bigger sound, and Coldplay were more than happy to take the reigns. Parachutes went multi-platinum in several countries and earned the band their first Grammy, but Coldplay continued to grow into the 2000s, topping their debut album's success with higher record sales and an increased public profile. Chris Martin (vocals / piano), Jon Buckland (guitar), Will Champion (drums), and Guy Berryman (bass) were all born into musical households. Martin, the eldest of five, began playing the piano as a young child and later took solace in the work of Tom Waits. Buckland, on the other hand, grew up with the heavy guitar sounds of Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Scotland native Berryman preferred funk to indie rock, thereby leaving him to play bass, while multi-instrumentalist Champion did not plan to be a drummer until he joined Coldplay's lineup. The bandmates came together in 1996 while attending the University College of London, and the Safety EP was issued shortly after their first gig at a Manchester festival for unsigned bands. The release only saw 500 pressings, as did the subsequent Brothers & Sisters EP. Nevertheless, it was enough to win the band a UK deal with Parlophone Records in April 1999, and the five-track Blue Room EP arrived that fall. With nods from the media , the foursome was hailed as the next Travis, thanks to their simplistic acoustics and charming personas. Parlophone ushered the band into Parr St. Studios in Liverpool, where they recorded the bulk of their debut album. Parachutes was released in July 2000 and became a swift hit on the strength of four UK singles, several of which enjoyed popularity in America as well . With "Yellow" climbing the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, Parachutes was released in the US in November, where its sales soon rivaled - and eventually surpassed - those in the UK Riding on the strength of their universally popular debut, Coldplay headed back into the studio in fall 2001 to work on a sophomore album. They emerged with A Rush of Blood to the Head, releasing the album worldwide in August 2002 and embarking on a global concert tour soon after. "The Scientist" enjoyed regular radio rotation, while both "Clocks" and "In My Place" won Grammy Awards. The CD / DVD package Live 2003 was issued to highlight the group's popular tour, and Martin specifically earned a higher notch on the celebrity scale by marrying actress Gwyneth Paltrow in December 2003. Paltrow gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Apple Blythe Alison Martin, the following April. Fatherhood did not stop Martin from working, as Coldplay began recording material for a third album within weeks. Previously recorded material with longtime producer Ken Nelson was scrapped early on, while Danton Supple (Morrissey, the Cure) joined Coldplay to complete the recording of . X & Y "Speed ​​of Sound" marked Coldplay's first single from their long-awaited third effort in spring 2005; the album followed in June, topping charts around the world and selling more than eight million copies during its first year Such success put Coldplay on. the same commercial level as U2, and Coldplay retreated to the studio in late 2006 to work with famed producer Brian Eno (who had teamed up with U2 two decades prior for The Joshua Tree). Recording sessions with Eno were completed within one year, followed by several months of mixing and growing anticipation from the band's audience Viva la Vida -. also known by its extended name, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends - ultimately arrived in June 2008.
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