Limp Bizkit

Country:United States of America
Genres:Alternative Metal, Rap Metal, Rap Rock, Pop Rock, Nu Metal, Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop
Biogphiy:Limp Bizkit from the small town of Jacksonville, Florida (Limp Bizkit orchestra) that is continuously recorded in manufacturing since the mid 94 minors army, 96 years debut album "Three Dollar Bill, Y'all $" issuing and listing after, Limp Bizkit that is born of fear continued to expand the face of the spirit of the tiger fans tour itinerary, and former House Of Pain (pain House chorus) rap spirit -Everlast (iron Man) and Kid rock fierce group rock (kid Rock Orchestra) compete on the same stage. Limp Bizkit (Limp Bizkit Orchestra) and even a giant filthy toilets opened the concert, 98 years but also with Korn (drums matter choir) added, "Family Values​​," the ranks of the nation's concert, anyway, as long as there will be a concert Limp Bizkit exposure. Was the tattoo artists Fred Durst (Fred West), Fred or Flip record label's A & R, but also just for fun as orchestra music video director, called the new generation of the busiest music video creative big players. Can play Qiaozhi Mai debut album title song, "Foith" was chosen more beautiful actress Cameron Diaz starred in the movie Very Bad Thing (baby good or bad) ending theme song.   Early July 1999, playing rock and rap banner focuses crack, Limp Bizkit (Limp Bizkit Orchestra) album of the year [Significant Other] outdone also the first week of 634,874 extraordinary digital grabbed Billboard pop album chart the champion, Yuedeng SoundScan sales system to detect America's ever ranked No. 15 in the highest single-week record shipments until the spring of 2000 the United States has been breaking the 5 million, this by vocalist Fred Durst, guitarist Wes Borland, bassist Sam Rivers, drummer John Otto, DJ Lethal orchestra composed in the album of the year [Significant Other], inviting noise flawless manufacturing experts, who White Zombie, Buckcherry who helped producer Terry Date added on who Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilot effectiveness ace Brendan O'Brien remix work together to build hsiang, the album also won the American Rolling Stone magazine three and a half star good comment.   [Significant Other] debut album in the works after the tour members and the audience at the emotional agitation wrote the song, the title song of the same name is the first song on the relationship between men and women, but also flaunt the distinctive attributes Orchestra, as well as explosive anger emotion "Break Stuff", melodic and full of "No Sex", "Rearranged", in the betrayal of concept of traction, the album there are many voices in the field experiments, such as the effect of the use of strings manufactured dramatic "Don 't Go Off Wandering ", gang rap were divisions Wu-Tang Clan leader Mehtod Man and gang Starr's DJ Premier in the" N 2 gether Now "hsiang, and" Nobody Like You "also has Korn's Jonathan Davis and Stone Temple generals Pilot (stone Temple Wizard choir) the focus of Scott Weilond friendship to help out, the former head of the singles "Nookie" Meng Jin Billboard mainstream rock chart and the modern Rock chart 10, the first two singles "Re-Arranged" is also 99 end of the year rush of modern rock chart title. Limp Bizkit (Limp Bizkit Orchestra) turn to the album [Significant Other] set off another wave of more intense rock luster! ! U.S. media have resorted to "toppled idols, rock die!" And other pearls of the title for the 21st century rock bathed in fire storms, but also jointly and severally for the 21st century rock uprising! Limp Bizkit also nominated 2000 Grammy Award for Best Rock Album heavy rock concert with two nominations.
Limp Bizkit
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