Pharrell Williams

Country:United States of America
Genres:Pop Rap, Contemporary R&B, Pop Soul
Biogphiy:Pharrell Williams from the United States Virginia / ruffian male Philippine Dong, 12 years of age know Chad Hugo, and together they play music groups, building mutual understanding. 1990 organized four rhythm and blues groups Guy and Blackstreet were two orchestras, who is also leader of excavation and production master Teddy Riley, Pharrell a wedding rap group Wreckx-N-Effect works "Rump Shaker" rush runner-up in 1992, since creative talent began to receive attention. 1994 Pharrell and Chad formally organized The Neptunes, for Blackstreet, SWV, Mase .., who hit a dazzling success, however Pharrell aura is to obtain full voice praise, many artists frequently appear in the album. 2001 together with a friend Shae Haley established N * E * R * D music kingdom to do funk rock foundation, mixed adept Hop / soul melodies, successfully broke into the British market. The Neptunes while winning every other year and Billboard Music Awards The Source "Best Producer" coronation, 2003 release of their debut album "The Neptunes Present ... .Clones" airborne championship once the nation's pop album chart. From last year, there have been movements of Pharrell, and finally under the long-awaited formal debut as the advent of "In My Mind." Pharrell and Chad shoulder common responsibility for the production of, music industry friends have caught on to, obligatory participation assistance, this series of dotted starry. The first single, "Can I Have It Like That", Pharrell fully show singing and rap skill, have requested a beautiful "pop teach Off" Gwen Stefani assist chorus, boarded the British Gold Runner-up; second branch brisk funk soul of as "Angel", topped with a beautiful falsetto Pharrell wrap, the same station on British Top15 position; 2006 full strong play "Number 1", Pharrell coupled with a number of Grammy awards plus body wit Kanye West to help each other concurrent brilliant musical sparks will inevitably result in violent commotion Anglo ranking; filled with bursts of lazy jazzy, more encourage everyone not to give up any hope that the efforts Dream, soothing comedy "You Can Do It Too" really touched people's hearts; south coast rap master with its own army for Star Trak Slim Thug, the unique Dirty South flow injection "Keep It Player" of the in; there are two rap superstars Jay-Z and Nelly, respectively, in "Young Girl I Really Like You" and "Baby" happy hip-hop masterpiece recommendation, and then show ruffian-like personalized rap stunt Global R & B new idol worship Youth Corps 44th Grammy "Best R & B Male Artist" award winner American album charts America 4 Sports News song "U Remind Me", the nation's title song "You Got It Bad" English Songs table runner song "Pop Ya Collar" and swept across Europe hits "U-Turn" and other 16 R & B songs "Can You Help Me" (help me): piano with strings, to Usher passionate interpretation of sad blues; "I Do not Know" (I do not know): In cooperation with Puuf Daddy, a fast-paced first showing Hip Hop style of rap songs; "How Do I Say" (difficult to exit): a change in the basic style of R & B's, adding Latin percussion style songs; "TTP" (TTP): filled with lively "Funky + Rap" atmosphere, into popular tracks more international elements Pharrell Williams did not only help change the face of pop music during the late '90s and early 2000s He also was one of the faces of pop music -. As a charismatic star who often stole the show when producing and / or guesting on other artists' hit singles. His presence was unfading, whether he was in front of a music video or behind a beat. To trace the beginning of his ascent, you have to go back to 1992, when Teddy Riley tapped him to write a verse for Wreckx-n-Effect's "Rump Shaker." Since the late '90s, Williams and longtime friend Chad Hugo - known together as the Neptunes - began scoring songwriting and production assignments that slowly but steadily infiltrated mainstream music, whether it was via dance-pop (Britney Spears '"I'm a Slave 4 U"), hardcore rap (Clipse's "Grindin'"), or contemporary R & B (Babyface's "There She Goes"). Williams and Hugo were relatively obscure during the mid-'90s, doing spare work for the likes of SWV, Total, and Mase, but they would eventually develop a style that would become as recognized and as mimicked as that of fellow Virginia Beach native Timbaland. (Prior to stardom, all three producers were in a band together called Surrounded by Idiots.) As the duo took on more work, Williams' voice became increasingly familiar. He was now more likely to provide the chorus and the background vocals of the same song, in addition to appearing in the video. (Hear / see Jay-Z s "Excuse Me Miss "and Snoop Dogg's" Beautiful "for two examples.) It was not until the summer of 2003 that he truly stepped out on his own. He released his first solo single," Frontin '. "Produced with Hugo and featuring a guest verse from Jay-Z, the song built anticipation for The Neptunes Present ... Clones, a compilation of all-new tracks from artists produced by the duo. "Frontin '" was a ubiquitous summer hit and kept Williams' momentum running up to the release of Hugo and Williams 'second funk / rock-oriented NERD album, released in March 2004. Williams' first solo album, In My Mind, survived a number of delays and was finally issued in July 2006.
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